5 Tips for Selecting Your Second-Level Chart Review (2LR) Vendor

Second-Level Review with NLP-Enabled Technology Will Boost Coding Accuracy Machine learning technology and advanced natural language processing can detect and extract HCC codes that were missed or miscoded during first-level reviews. Missed codes identified on a…

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Finally, Machine-Learning in Health Care

Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning can increase efficiencies in the health care industry, including for Risk Adjustment programs.

How Intelligent Analytics Increase Quality and Lower the Costs of Risk Adjustment Programs

Medical coding is the backbone of risk adjustment. Coding needs to be efficient and accurate to keep up with the increasing influx of sensitive patient data, and CMS regulations.

Optimize Data with Patient Data Analytics in Medical Coding

Technology has allowed for new and innovative ways to capture a more conclusive look at member health data. Data can be powerful when handled properly; however, many healthcare organizations — and most other businesses for that matter — don’t know how to effectively take advantage of all the information this new data can provide.

3 Tips to Thwart Healthcare System Hackers

Over the past few years, healthcare IT systems have faced significantly more cyberattacks than any other industry—and the reasons why are pretty simple: Healthcare hacks have a greater pay off. In fact, one recent article found…