5 Challenges of Telehealth – Infographic

Telemedicine has exploded out of necessity to address healthcare needs amidst stay in place constraints while also creating new reimbursement changes, especially for the value-based care market.  This note introduces a five blog post series addressing telehealth challenges and potential solutions. We look at telehealth coding guidelines, documentation pitfalls, and workflow optimization among other pressing topics.  Help us address these issues by commenting on the blog posts as well as on the infographic.

Click on the image to download a PDF version of the infographic.

Our 5 part blog series, will provide guidance to health plans and providers to address the challenges of telemedicine reimbursement. Feel free to read, chime in and express your point-of-view in the comments fields on each blog post. We hope the blog post series encourages discussion so we may all learn together.

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